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SO245 Lesson 1 Exam

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Question 1 (5 points)       All of the following are problems related to wind power, except Question 1 options:a) locals may be annoyed by the noise generated by wind farms.b) wind farm location can have a negative impact on local wildlife.c) wind farms sometimes spoil the beauty of natural landscapes.d) wind as a source of power is limited to less populated areas. Question 2 (5 points)       Which carbon-rich compound is found in the Earth in liquid form? Question 2 options:a) Propaneb) Crude oilc) Butaned) Ethane Question 3 (5 points)       In general, the efficiency of an internal combustion engine is thirty percent. The remaining seventy percent is mainly dissipated as _______ energy. Question 3 options:a) heatb) mechanicalc) chemicald) solar Question 4 (5 points)       The amount of energy required to raise one pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit equals one Question 4 options:a) BTU.b) therm.c) quad.d) joule. Question 5 (5 points)       Two students are discussing energy sectors in the United States. Student 1 claims that the commercial sector includes automobiles and churches. Student 2 agrees but also includes construction in the commercial list. Who is correct? Question 5 options:a) Both Students 1 and 2 are correct.b) Neither Student 1 nor 2 are correct.c) Only Student 1 is correct.d) Only Student 2 is correct. Question 6 (5 points)       Energy efficiency is reduced as we _______ the number of steps needed to get energy from its source to useful work. Question 6 options:a) reduceb) equalizec) increased) decrease Question 7 (5 points)       Which statement regarding nuclear fission is true? Question 7 options:a) The cost of building a nuclear power plant is high.b) Core meltdowns generally don’t impact the surrounding population.c) Nuclear power plants release as much pollution as coal and oil during normal operation.d) Nuclear plants produce less than one ton of toxic nuclear waste annually, on average. Question 8 (5 points)       According to the third law of thermodynamics, energy ceases to exist at a temperature called absolute zero. This is considered a(n) _______ limit. Question 8 options:a) provisionalb) experimentalc) theoreticald) estimated Question 9 (5 points)       _______ energy is a fundamental need for life on Earth. Question 9 options:a) Electricalb) Solarc) Chemicald) Potential Question 10 (5 points)       Which statement best describes the major disadvantage of geothermal energy? Question 10 options:a) The heat in Earth’s mantle is neither consistent nor reliable.b) This type of energy can only be harnessed in specific locations.c) Earthquakes occur wherever geothermal energy is mined.d) Energy outputs from this type of plant are hard to predict. Question 11 (5 points)       The three stages in the combustion of gas in an internal combustion engine are combustion, thermal energy, and _______ energy. Question 11 options:a) kineticb) potentialc) provisionald) mechanical Question 12 (5 points)       _______ is a vital, rare earth mineral extracted from briny pools located in the Andes. Question 12 options:a) Telluriumb) Platinumc) Celestited) Lithium Question 13 (5 points)       Wind power capacity in the United States has increased annually by _______ percent. Question 13 options:a) 15b) 30c) 45d) 50 Question 14 (5 points)       In which part of the United States are geothermal power plants found? Question 14 options:a) Southwestb) Northeastc) Upper Midwestd) East Coast Question 15 (5 points)       How many calories in a kilocalorie? Question 15 options:a) 10b) 100c) 1,000d) 1,000,000 Question 16 (5 points)       A watt is the equivalent of one _______ per second. Question 16 options:a) unit of workb) unit of energyc) jouled) kilocalorie Question 17 (5 points)       Which statement is false as regards hydroelectric power? Question 17 options:a) Hydroelectric power reduces overall greenhouse emissions.b) Initial costs of construction are high, but operating costs are low.c) Hydroelectric plants may obstruct fish and wildlife migration.d) Mechanical energy is the main product of hydroelectric plants. Question 18 (5 points)       Which sector has consistently used the greatest percentage of energy in the United States? Question 18 options:a) Industrialb) Commercialc) Residentiald) Transportation Question 19 (5 points)       The United States produced 16 quadrillion BTUs of which type of energy in 2017? Question 19 options:a) Nuclear energyb) Natural gasc) Hydropowerd) Coal Question 20 (5 points)       Burning biomass for fuel expresses carbon _______, because it balances the amount of carbon added and removed from the atmosphere. Question 20 options:a) exchangeb) productionc) neutralityd) replacement

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