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Safia Amajan was born around the year 1943 in Afghanistan. Safia was a lady that was well
respected by the Afghans. Her familys name was Warasta. The lady fought hard for the freedom and rights of the women in Afghanistan. Safia was a teacher as well as a public servant in her home country. She was also given the role of inspecting and assessing girls schools in the area
of Kandahar. Safia volunteered to work for the government in the year 2001; at that time a new
regime had taken over. Safia was given the role of director in the provincial department of
women affairs. She was very good at her work; the role fitted her perfectly. (Manion, 37)
Safia got herself involved in raising funds for the girls and women alike. Women were very fond
of her and saw her as their possible liberator. The activities she was involved in did not auger
well with many of her critics; especially the Taliban operatives. She was killed by the Taliban in
the year 2006. Her death was a big blow to the womenfolk of Afghanistan. She was shot about
four times by her assailants right outside her house as she prepared to leave for work. Her death
drew widespread condemnation across the world.
The Taliban believe that women should resign to domestic roles around the home. The demise
of Safia may have marked what many people referred to as the return of intimidation by the
Taliban. Intimidation and threats were the common tools of instilling fear by the Taliban forces.

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Safia`s activities were deemed to have gone against the expectations of the terror group.
Members of the group were male chauvinist who saw the rise of women as a threat to their
dominance. The world lost a heroine of great worth. (Manion, 79)

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Manion, Jennifer. Safia Ama Jan. Minneapolis: Twenty-First Century Books, 2012. Print.

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