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Translation Science Project Guidelines Purpose The purpose of this application is to provide the student an opportunity to develop a translation science project from the perspective of nursing informatics. Course Outcomes This assignment provides documentation of student ability to meet the following course outcomes: CO3: Articulate the relationships between translation science, information technology, and evidence-based practice (PO #7). CO4: Differentiate knowledge management issues in nursing informatics (PO #7). Points This assignment is worth a total of 250 points. Due Date Submit your completed application by Sunday 11:59 p.m. MT of Week 5 as directed. Requirements 1. To complete this application, you will need access to the following databases: CINAHL, MEDLINE, Cochrane Library, and the Joanna Briggs Institute. You may access these databases through the Chamberlain College of Nursing Online Library. The library has a main menu available at with a link for Research Help in the left-hand menu. 2. The Translation Science project is worth 250 points and will be graded on quality of information, use of citations, use of Standard English grammar, sentence structure, and overall organization based on the required components as summarized in the directions and grading criteria/rubric. 3. Create your report using Microsoft Word 2007 (a part of Microsoft Office 2007), which is the required format for all Chamberlain College of Nursing documents. You can tell that the document is saved as a MS Word 2007 document because it will end in “.docx” 4. Follow the directions and grading criteria closely. Any questions about this project may be posted under the Q & A Forum. 5. The length of the project report is to be no less than 6 and no greater than 8 pages excluding title page and reference pages. 6. APA format is required with both a title page and reference page. Use the required components of the review as Level 1 headings (upper and lower case, centered, boldface): Note: Introduction – Write an introduction to a selected advanced nursing practice translation science topic, but do not use “Introduction” as a heading in accordance with the rules put forth in the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (2010, p. 63).APA format is required with both a title page and reference page. Use the required components of the review as Level 1 headers (upper and lower case, centered): a. Description of selected advanced nursing practice translation of evidence into practice (both integrative and systematic review of evidence) b. Presentation of selected advanced practice translation of evidence analysis with proposed management (structure-process-outcomes) for information systems change c. Conclusion Preparing the Project Report The following are best practices for preparing this project report: 1. When introducing the selected advanced practice translation science topic, be sure to include pertinent background information regarding the evidence (who, what, where, when, and why). 2. When describing the selected translation of evidence topic, be sure to fully identify and address evidence using a synthesis (integrative review citing areas of agreement and disagreement among authors) approach for the written summary and attach an evidence table (systematic review citing leveling and grading of evidence) using the template found in Course Resources. 3. When presenting the selected advanced nursing practice translation of evidence analysis, be sure to fully address proposed management (structure-process-outcomes) for information systems change and the informatics role of the DNP-prepared nurse in evaluation and sustainability.Warning! Homework Minutes have copywrite of this content. Don’t copy content from this site otherwise you will face a legal action.   Share this:TwitterFacebook

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